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Save the universeWe are a creative development company, building stuff for the web, mobile, and desktop. Our complete web page is coming in a few days.

A satelite in deep space

Building brands

We are just astronauts, a team of passionate coders and designers ready to do their best at every project.

Borming is a company located in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 2001, since then we have been working on various projects including desktop and web solutions, mostly focused on custom branded solutions for our clients. Throughout years, we specialized in web technologies, like PHP for server-side, and React javascript for frontend development. In the last few years, we are constantly improving our stack and focusing more on modern technologies like Node.js for server-side coding and rendering. 

Working with companies like Zagreb Tourist Board and Atlas d.d. got us a lot of experience in the tourism IT sector, building solutions and experiences custom tailored for our clients. 

We are always looking for a good challenge, if you need advice or have a cool project in mind, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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