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Your journey begins here

We have a big passion for building custom-tailored websites and complex applications for the web and mobile. We are Web3 ready, creating and deploying smart contracts using Etherium and Polygon technologies.
We are all in danger, you have to destroy all the asteroids or the earth is doomed.

Pocket Rockets

To boldly go where no rocket has gone before
The Pocket Rockets are our first NFT drop, featuring very cool low poly rockets. Rockets are built using Solidity using the ERC721 NFT standard as a baseline. Pocket Rockets will be deployed on Polygon network. This collection can be viewed on OpenSea. If you want a Pocket Rocket for yourself click below.
Rocket getting ready to launch
Pocket Rocket
Rocket getting ready to launch
Pocket Rocket
Rocket getting ready to launch
Pocket Rocke
Rocket getting ready to launch
Pocket Rocket

Building brands

We are a team of passionate programmers and designers.

Borming is a company located in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 2001, since then we have been working on various projects including web and mobile solutions, mostly focused on custom branded software for our clients.

Throughout the years, we specialized in web technologies, like PHP/Node.js for server-side, and React for frontend development. In the last few years, we are constantly improving our stack and focused more on modern technologies like Node.js for server-side coding and SSR rendering.

Rocket getting ready to launch

Blockchain coding

We are web3 ready.
Your next web3 journey could start here. We can code & deploy smart contracts based on the Etherium ecosystem, including L1 Mainnet and L2 networks like Polygon and Loopring. We can integrate Metamask features and Smart contract protocols via Ether.js and Solidity. We can also help you build your web3 upgrade strategy for your existing project.


is next level
We built a enjoyable experience CMS for our customers

We built a fully-featured CMS for our customers that support's flexible products definitions so you can describe any item you can imagine.

Our content management system is easy to use end understand so anyone can use it without tutorials or tedious workshops yet powerful enough to accommodate any use case you can think of. It's built using React, so it's UI is fast and very responsive.

Our work

Powered by V3

All of our projects are powered with our V3 CMS.

Our clients demand custom control over their content, sometimes it is just a simple text, but most of the time it's a super complex set of data that's needed for the project we are working on. That's why we created V3, our own in-house super powerful content management system (CMS) that is flexible enough to suit many different scenarios. 

Our passion, our projects

We are constantly working on our own projects like Bills.hr, a tool for managing invoices, offers, and documents. 

Wanna work with us?

We are an open company, looking for good clients willing to push those extra miles just like us. If you think you have a project that would fit our company, we would very much like to hear about it.

Wanna work for us?

Carrier at Borming. If you share the same passion for coding as we, then please don't hesitate to contact us.